4th Mar 2013

An Ode to Sugar Street

Discussing the book by Naguib Mahfouz (rather than us!), Sarah Zakzouk tells us the importance of this literary masterpiece to her Egyptian heritage.... read more


28th Jan 2013

Top five Non-Fiction Books on Libya

With our most recent top five series, we look at the best books on Libya both pre- and post-Gaddafi!... read more


15th Jan 2013

Istanbul Eats

Gorge yourself on the stunning street food of one of the World's most captivating cities!... read more


18th Dec 2012

A Walking Tour of Beirut

A quick guide to the perfect way to spend a day wondering around this wonderful city... read more


25th Oct 2012

Yasmin El Derby: London’s Meanest Film Fest

The founding director of the London MENA Film Festival tells us why it's a cause so close to her heart... read more


18th Oct 2012

Food Trekking in Lebanon

An ex-beauty queen, secret shawarma, shots of zaatar juice and jetskiing with a chef - a chance for you to win an all expenses paid trip!... read more

Khaled Akil

19th Sep 2012

Top Five Hottest Artists From the Middle East Today

Joobin Bekhrad picks out the top five Middle Eastern artists to watch out for... read more


18th Sep 2012

Sarah Al-Hamad: Bridging the Gulf

Author of the wonderful 'Cardamom and Lime,' Sarah tells us more about the cuisine of the Arabian Gulf... read more

Iraqi Cookbook PB Cover

15th Sep 2012

The Mosaic Rooms’ Supper Club: Autumn Programme

A wonderfully exciting new development for showcasing the fantastic culture of the region to a London audience.... read more


3rd Sep 2012

Kristiane Backer: From MTV to Mecca

The former MTV Europe host talks about her conversion to Islam and how it changed her life... read more


29th Aug 2012

Nour Festival of Arts: Third Edition

The Nour Festival of Arts, celebrating all that is wonderful about Middle Eastern arts & culture, will be returning for its third edition in London this Autumn.... read more


16th Aug 2012

Safar: A Journey Through Popular Arab Cinema

London's week-long celebration of films spanning 50 years of Arab cinema... read more

beirut at night

7th Aug 2012

Beirut Bar Guide

Sugar Street has teamed up with BarChick.com to produce a list of the must go bars in Beirut. Check it out!... read more

Morocco fine

9th Jun 2012

Top Five Middle Eastern Contemporary Art Websites

In the latest of our top five series, we look at the best websites for contemporary Middle Eastern art. Enjoy!... read more


31st May 2012

Michael Leventhal: Founder of Gefiltefest

Michael Leventhal, director of Britain's first Jewish food charity, tells us the inspiration behind it and how food is a great leveller... read more

Majeed Beenteha

29th May 2012

art clvb: Promoter of Contemporary Middle Eastern Artists

An Iranian father and son team, based in Canada, are putting Middle Eastern artists on the map... read more

Women's Domination - Painting

24th May 2012

The Forgotten Writers: Women’s Domination

A new short story competition in Egypt looks to promote their literary depth to a global audience... read more


23rd May 2012

Sabrina’s Passion: The Cuisine of Persia

Sabrina Ghayour tells us what makes the food of her homeland so special and why she feels the need to share it with others... read more


1st May 2012

Kamal Mouzawak: A Culinary Activist

Culinary activist, Kamal Mouzawak, talks to us about how food can be a uniting force in Lebanon!... read more


30th Apr 2012

Top Five Most Influential Arabic Novels

With our most recent top five series,we look at the novels which have had the greatest influence on World literature. Enjoy!... read more