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25th Oct 2012

Yasmin El Derby: London’s Meanest Film Fest

The founding director of the London MENA Film Festival tells us why it's a cause so close to her heart... read more


18th Sep 2012

Sarah Al-Hamad: Bridging the Gulf

Author of the wonderful 'Cardamom and Lime,' Sarah tells us more about the cuisine of the Arabian Gulf... read more


3rd Sep 2012

Kristiane Backer: From MTV to Mecca

The former MTV Europe host talks about her conversion to Islam and how it changed her life... read more


31st May 2012

Michael Leventhal: Founder of Gefiltefest

Michael Leventhal, director of Britain's first Jewish food charity, tells us the inspiration behind it and how food is a great leveller... read more


1st May 2012

Kamal Mouzawak: A Culinary Activist

Culinary activist, Kamal Mouzawak, talks to us about how food can be a uniting force in Lebanon!... read more

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13th Apr 2012

Bethany Kehdy: Miss Lebanese Food

Passionate about her food heritage, Bethany Kehdy talks to us about growing up in rural Lebanon during the Civil War and what the country's cuisine means to her!... read more

Zena Pink

11th Apr 2012

Zena El Khalil: An Artist in Love with Beirut (Part Two)

In the second half of her interview, Zena talks more specifically about her art, gender roles in the Middle East and her role as an ambassador for peace!... read more

Zena el Khalil-holiday inn

10th Apr 2012

Zena El Khalil: An Artist in Love with Beirut (Part One)

In the first part of our interview with renowned artist and author, Zena talks about Beirut, what it means to be Lebanese and where she sees herself going in the future!... read more