Literature / Non-Fiction


20th Dec 2012

Beirut, I Love You by Zena El Khalil

Beirut is at once her pleasure and pain, her sorrow and joy, and as El Khalil would likely admit, her only refuge... read more


17th Aug 2012

Pathfinders by Jim Al-Khalili

Al-Khalili offers us a breath-taking perspective of the ‘golden age’ of Arab civilization.... read more

Saharan Journey

27th Jul 2012

Saharan Journey by Sven Lindqvist

Lindqvist’s fantastically original idea for a travel book through the deserts makes this well worth a read... read more


7th Jun 2012

Leila Khaled by Sarah Irving

A wonderful and intimate vignette of a passionate, complicated and often misunderstood woman... read more

Patriot of Persia

27th Mar 2012

Patriot of Persia by Christopher de Bellague

A gripping portrait of Muhammad Mossadegh, a man whose legacy is still very much with us today.... read more

house of stone

21st Mar 2012

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid

The beautiful and poignant memoir of Anthony Shadid, who tragically died this year whilst reporting in Syria.... read more


9th Mar 2012

New Persian Cooking by Jila Dana-Haeri with Shahrzad Ghorashian

With Persian food often overshadowed by news coming out of Iran, this is a wonderful addition to the Middle Eastern cookery book scene, full of delicious recipes and stunning photography.... read more

the struggle for power in syria

13th Feb 2012

The Struggle for Power in Syria by Nikolaos Van Dam

An invaluable and pertinent look at the recent history of the Syria and an important device to understand the current situation there.... read more

War of Choice

5th Feb 2012

A War of Choice by Jack Fairweather

Britain's involvement in Iraq from 2003 until 2009 forms the subject of Jack Fairweather's gripping new book... read more


29th Jan 2012

Unspeakable Love by Brian Whitaker

Unspeakable Love deals admirably with a subject that still hardly dares speak its name in the Arab world... read more

Undercover Muslim by Theo Padnos

22nd Jan 2012

Undercover Muslim by Theo Padnos

Theo Padnos recounts his time living and studying in The Yemen as a converted Muslim... read more


15th Jan 2012

Islam Without Extremes by Mustafa Akyol

Mustafa Akyol puts forward the case for religious reform in response to the events of the Arab Spring.... read more

Turkey: A Short History by Norman Stone

12th Jan 2012

Turkey: A Short History by Norman Stone

An insightful introduction to Turkey's history; perfect to carry with you as you explore the back streets of Istanbul!... read more