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10th Oct 2012

An Ode to Aleppo

Perhaps underwhelmed is the wrong word to describe my feelings on first arriving in Damascus five years ago. But it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. Stepping out of the airport and making my way to a nondescript hotel in centre of the new city, constant traffic gave me ample opportunity to take in the [...]... read more

in praise of hatred

8th Oct 2012

In Praise of Hatred by Khaled Khalifa

A deeply absorbing read that delivers an important message about the dangers of hate... read more

Khaled Akil

19th Sep 2012

Top Five Hottest Artists From the Middle East Today

Joobin Bekhrad picks out the top five Middle Eastern artists to watch out for... read more

Cherry Kebab


27th Feb 2012

Kebab bil Karaz

While Aleppo is one of the most beautiful and fascinating of all Middle Eastern cities, it's this dish which will leave the most abiding memories.... read more

Aleppan Roasted Duck Breast


28th Jan 2012

Aleppan Duck, Panj Puran Potatoes & Baba Ghanouj Puree

A luxurious take on a delicious Syrian classic... read more

Abu Zaad


24th Jan 2012

Abu Zaad

An authentic eatery serving delicious Damascene fare for little more than the price of a Big Mac meal... read more