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Zena Pink

11th Apr 2012

Zena El Khalil: An Artist in Love with Beirut (Part Two)

In the second half of her interview, Zena talks more specifically about her art, gender roles in the Middle East and her role as an ambassador for peace!... read more

Zena el Khalil-holiday inn

10th Apr 2012

Zena El Khalil: An Artist in Love with Beirut (Part One)

In the first part of our interview with renowned artist and author, Zena talks about Beirut, what it means to be Lebanese and where she sees herself going in the future!... read more


6th Apr 2012

Beirut – Where to Eat

It's hard to go far wrong when looking for good places to eat in Lebanon's capital, but here are a few of our favourites!... read more


Blog Post

29th Mar 2012

Lebanon Revisited

Sugar Street review has been going for more than two months now and, while there is so much culture from the region making it to the shores of our green and pleasant land, we thought it time to head back out to the Middle East. It’s been three years since my last visit to Beirut [...]... read more

Arabian Set up

16th Feb 2012

Mona Usher: A Taste of Lebanon in Suburban Surrey

Out of adversity, Mona Usher has created something incredibly special. A truly family run business, Samara Cuisine completely embodies the Lebanese vibe... read more

By Bye Babylon

13th Feb 2012

Bye Bye Babylon by Lamia Ziadé

A deeply moving, yet entertaining and vividly depicted, graphic representation of Civil War Beirut in all its minutia... read more

One day in April by Jad El Hage

12th Jan 2012

One Day in April by Jad El Hage

Blood, treason, treachery, deception, heartbreak, lies and fratricide during the Lebanese Civil War... read more