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31st May 2012

Michael Leventhal: Founder of Gefiltefest

Michael Leventhal, director of Britain's first Jewish food charity, tells us the inspiration behind it and how food is a great leveller... read more

Moro & Morito 1 JH 2011


10th May 2012


Moro's younger sibling is like a little piece of heaven in North London...... read more

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13th Apr 2012

Bethany Kehdy: Miss Lebanese Food

Passionate about her food heritage, Bethany Kehdy talks to us about growing up in rural Lebanon during the Civil War and what the country's cuisine means to her!... read more


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29th Mar 2012

Lebanon Revisited

Sugar Street review has been going for more than two months now and, while there is so much culture from the region making it to the shores of our green and pleasant land, we thought it time to head back out to the Middle East. It’s been three years since my last visit to Beirut [...]... read more

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5th Mar 2012

Top Five Middle Eastern Food Blogs

In the first of our Top Five series, we look at our favourite Middle Eastern food sites on the interweb... read more

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19th Jan 2012

Our One Weekiversary

For it’s a jolly good website, for it’s a jolly good website, for it’s a jolly good website site, and so say some of you! (To be sung to the tune of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow) So, Sugar Street Review has now been online for a week, and I thought this would be [...]... read more

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14th Jan 2012

A to Z of Middle Eastern Food & Drink

Here is my alphabet of Middle Eastern food and drink. Most of them are pretty obvious, even for those who aren’t that well acquainted with the cuisine of the region, but this is only a beginner’s guide. I’ve limited myself to one reference per letter, so it’s not at all extensive (otherwise this could have [...]... read more