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2nd Oct 2012

Salad Shirazi

Just like the poetic city from where it takes its name, this salad is simple yet also wonderful and steeped in history.... read more



14th Sep 2012

Koofteh Berenji

It may strike one as ho-hum but this dish will dazzle with a disarming display of charm!... read more

Majeed Beenteha

29th May 2012

art clvb: Promoter of Contemporary Middle Eastern Artists

An Iranian father and son team, based in Canada, are putting Middle Eastern artists on the map... read more


23rd May 2012

Sabrina’s Passion: The Cuisine of Persia

Sabrina Ghayour tells us what makes the food of her homeland so special and why she feels the need to share it with others... read more



5th Apr 2012

Sabrina’s Persian Kitchen

Sabrina Ghayour, a writer and chef of Iranian origin, welcomes visitors into her home for a stunning Persian feast!... read more


28th Mar 2012

Top Five Books on Modern Iran

The latest in our top five series, this time we look at the books giving us a greater understanding of the Iran behind the headlines. Enjoy!... read more

Patriot of Persia

27th Mar 2012

Patriot of Persia by Christopher de Bellague

A gripping portrait of Muhammad Mossadegh, a man whose legacy is still very much with us today.... read more

Saffron Rice Pudding pic


14th Mar 2012

Sholleh Zard

A delicious Persian take on rice pudding to banish those nightmarish childhood memories!... read more


9th Mar 2012

New Persian Cooking by Jila Dana-Haeri with Shahrzad Ghorashian

With Persian food often overshadowed by news coming out of Iran, this is a wonderful addition to the Middle Eastern cookery book scene, full of delicious recipes and stunning photography.... read more

Simurgh picture


7th Feb 2012


The first Persian restaurant in the heart of London... read more