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15th Jan 2013

Istanbul Eats

Gorge yourself on the stunning street food of one of the World's most captivating cities!... read more



2nd Oct 2012

Salad Shirazi

Just like the poetic city from where it takes its name, this salad is simple yet also wonderful and steeped in history.... read more

Cherry Kebab


27th Feb 2012

Kebab bil Karaz

While Aleppo is one of the most beautiful and fascinating of all Middle Eastern cities, it's this dish which will leave the most abiding memories.... read more

Kebab time


3rd Feb 2012

Ranoush Juice

Who said that kebabs were unhealthy, greasy, drunken snacks...... read more

Spice Display

Blog Post

14th Jan 2012

A to Z of Middle Eastern Food & Drink

Here is my alphabet of Middle Eastern food and drink. Most of them are pretty obvious, even for those who aren’t that well acquainted with the cuisine of the region, but this is only a beginner’s guide. I’ve limited myself to one reference per letter, so it’s not at all extensive (otherwise this could have [...]... read more