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house of stone

21st Mar 2012

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid

The beautiful and poignant memoir of Anthony Shadid, who tragically died this year whilst reporting in Syria.... read more


8th Mar 2012

Top Five Female Arab Writers

In recognition of International Women's Day 2012, here's a list of the five female Arab authors we've most enjoyed reading... read more

spices spoons

5th Mar 2012

Top Five Middle Eastern Food Blogs

In the first of our Top Five series, we look at our favourite Middle Eastern food sites on the interweb... read more


Blog Post

20th Feb 2012

Food Revolution…What Revolution?

Everyone keeps saying that the UK is in the midst of a food revolution. That means it must be true, right? We’re in an era when you can hardly turn on the television without seeing one of Jamie’s, Hugh’s, or (disappointingly) Gordon’s face adorning the box in all their technicoloured glory (or the light reflecting [...]... read more

Arabian Set up

16th Feb 2012

Mona Usher: A Taste of Lebanon in Suburban Surrey

Out of adversity, Mona Usher has created something incredibly special. A truly family run business, Samara Cuisine completely embodies the Lebanese vibe... read more

By Bye Babylon

13th Feb 2012

Bye Bye Babylon by Lamia Ziadé

A deeply moving, yet entertaining and vividly depicted, graphic representation of Civil War Beirut in all its minutia... read more

Kebab time


3rd Feb 2012

Ranoush Juice

Who said that kebabs were unhealthy, greasy, drunken snacks...... read more


29th Jan 2012

Unspeakable Love by Brian Whitaker

Unspeakable Love deals admirably with a subject that still hardly dares speak its name in the Arab world... read more

Slow roasted lamb


26th Jan 2012

Slow-Roasted Shoulder of Lamb

A Middle Eastern twist on the traditional Sunday Roast... read more

Spice Display

Blog Post

14th Jan 2012

A to Z of Middle Eastern Food & Drink

Here is my alphabet of Middle Eastern food and drink. Most of them are pretty obvious, even for those who aren’t that well acquainted with the cuisine of the region, but this is only a beginner’s guide. I’ve limited myself to one reference per letter, so it’s not at all extensive (otherwise this could have [...]... read more



12th Jan 2012


A restaurant with a twist. A twist of lemon... read more

Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas

Blog Post

12th Jan 2012

Dear Rick Stein

An open letter to TV cooks (especially Rick Stein – I love you): I love The Hairy Bikers. There is something incredibly comforting about their awful jokes and their northern joviality. It’s like watching an epicurean version of The Chuckle Brothers. However, they are also very good cooks, passionate advocates of local British food and [...]... read more

One day in April by Jad El Hage

12th Jan 2012

One Day in April by Jad El Hage

Blood, treason, treachery, deception, heartbreak, lies and fratricide during the Lebanese Civil War... read more