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15th Jan 2013

Istanbul Eats

Gorge yourself on the stunning street food of one of the World's most captivating cities!... read more


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25th Dec 2012

Why I Love Jesus: An Agnostic’s Christmas Sermon

Without wanting to offend, I’m a firm believer that agnosticism is the only logical ‘religious’ stand point to go for. As much as any belief in God requires a huge leap of faith, at the same time, so does to jump in the opposite direction. On the one hand, it may not point to any higher truth, but on [...]... read more



3rd Apr 2012


This elegant restaurant in Pimlico puts a twist on fundamentally Turkish flavours in a smart and refined setting.... read more


15th Jan 2012

Islam Without Extremes by Mustafa Akyol

Mustafa Akyol puts forward the case for religious reform in response to the events of the Arab Spring.... read more

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14th Jan 2012

A to Z of Middle Eastern Food & Drink

Here is my alphabet of Middle Eastern food and drink. Most of them are pretty obvious, even for those who aren’t that well acquainted with the cuisine of the region, but this is only a beginner’s guide. I’ve limited myself to one reference per letter, so it’s not at all extensive (otherwise this could have [...]... read more

Turkey: A Short History by Norman Stone

12th Jan 2012

Turkey: A Short History by Norman Stone

An insightful introduction to Turkey's history; perfect to carry with you as you explore the back streets of Istanbul!... read more