10th September – 16th September 2012

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10th Sep 2012

addicted in afghan

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Autumn is in the air and, as the British summer slowly creeps to a close, despite the recent best efforts of the weather gods, the darkness is drawing in earlier every night. However, while to some that might seem a depressing thought, there’s loads going on in the capital at this time of year, so check out what’s happening to keep you entertained. As always, get in touch if we’ve missed something!


Monday 10th September

The Changing Room - Various Locations around Central London

The Changing Room project continues this week, presenting an alternative vision of the changes that have occurred in and around the Arab region today. Realised in Italy (2011), The Changing Room formulates a contemporary compendium of histories, addressed and documented by groundbreaking artists who either live in exile, emigration, or continue to have a physical presence in their region or nation.

Set in an underground gallery, a magic shop and an office hub in central London, one of the project’s central visual statements is to bring Palestine’s Jerusalem into the heart of London.

For more information, check here


Tuesday 11th September

Iraq: Escalating Violence and Sectarian Division - Frontline Club, London

Chaired by CBS News correspondent, Elizabeth Palmer, a panel of experts will discuss the situation in Iraq today and what impact the conflict on its doorstep in Syria might have on the country.

It has been nearly ten years since the US-led invasion and nearly a year since the last foreign troops withdrew. Yet, while al-Qaeda forces appeared to have been pushed back, there has been an increase in violence that culminated on 23 July in the bloodiest day since US troops left Iraq. Coordinated bombings and shootings in 15 cities left over 100 people dead and many more injured.

Head to the Frontline Club to hear what the recent deadly attacks in Iraq tell us about the country today.

For details, see here


Wednesday 12th September

Arabic Language ClassesArab British Centre, London

Learn to read, write and speak Arabic. These beginners’ courses will cover learning the alphabet, reading, writing and pronunciation. You will also learn all the conversational basics: etiquette; introducing yourself and others; ordering food and drink; and asking for directions.

For details, see here


Kandak: Fighting with AghansOld Theatre, LSE, London

When Patrick Hennessey returned home from Afghanistan, battle-worn, exhilarated, unsure if he’d see anything like it in his life again, he left behind him bands of friendship forged in the heat of the moment between living and dying. The comrades he left furthest behind were Qiam, Syed and Majhib. They are still there in the dust and heat of Helmand, soldiers fighting for their homeland.

On his return, he wrote Kandak: Fighting with Afghans about his experiences and, this evening in a public discussion chaired by war correspondent, Martin Bell, he’ll be talking about the story of the lasting bonds that he made.

For more information, see here


Thursday 13th September

Addicted in AfghanistanFrontline Club, London

Well known as one of the world’s leading producers of heroin, Afghanistan has over a million drug addicts, many of them children.

This award-winning documentary tells the timeless story of two addicted teenagers, 15-year-old Jabar and 14-year-old Zahir and how their families have been ravaged by drugs. Director Jawed Taiman who followed these two teenagers over the course of two years gives a heartbreaking glimpse into their lives including their failed attempts to become clean.

The screening is followed by a question and answer session with Taiman and the producer, Sharron Ward.

For more information, see here


Friday 14th September

The Horse: From Arabia to Royal Ascot - British Museum, London

Running until the end of September, this free exhibition will allow you to discover the epic story of the horse – a journey of 5,000 years that has revolutionised human history. The story focuses on two breeds – Arabians, which were prized in the desert for their spirit and stamina, and the Thoroughbred which was selectively bred from Arabians for speed and is now raced at world-famous courses such as Royal Ascot.

Objects range from ancient to modern and include depictions of horses in stone reliefs, gold and clay models, horse tack, paintings by George Stubbs, and trophies and rosettes. Moreover, on Fridays the museum stays open late so no excuse not to pop along after work.

For details, click here


Saturday 15th September

Framing Muslims: Reframing the Study of Muslim Diasporas in BritainSOAS, London

How has the study of Muslims in Britain been transformed in the last decade? Global-local events, new government policies, changing community dynamics as well as associated research council programmes have all shaped mushrooming interest in this field, with many arts, humanities and social science disciplines now contributing to a massively expanded and more complex literature than was the case in the 1980s or 1990s.

This all day event workshop, include talks and discussions, is aimed at all researchers interested in Muslims in Britain and especially postgraduate students.

For information, see here


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