19th Nov – 23rd Nov 2012

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19th Nov 2012

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Another week and more of what’s going on in the nation’s capital! The Nour Festival is still happening too, so check out what they have on this week here. Enjoy!


Tuesday 20th November

King of LiesSoho Theatre, London

It is said that we are all born accompanied by 7 lies and 7 locusts… The King of Syria – obsessed with deception – has prepared a lying contest in his court, and year after year he cuts off the head of anyone who fails to tell him a new lie. With the piles of severed heads growing, Clare Murphy enters the fray to do and undo this cruel enchanted power play. (Inspired by Rafik Schami’s book, ‘Damascus Nights’)

For more information, see here


Wednesday 21st November

Iraqi Supper with Lamees IbrahimThe Mosaic Rooms, London

With stories, discussions and demonstrations, guests will have the opportunity to try their hand at several recipes and enjoy a 4 course meal of authentic Iraqi cuisine.

Lamees Ibrahim was born in Baghdad. She came to London to study, obtaining a PhD from Kings College Hospital Medical School. London has been her permanent home since 1988. Lamees Ibrahim’s first book The Iraqi Cookbook was published in 2009 to great success, with recipes featured on Guardian Online. Lamees is currently writing her second book and has begun hosting cookery classes and dinners due to popular demand.

The event will take place in a West London location, to be disclosed on booking. Upon making your booking please send an email to reception@mosaicrooms.org so that we can provide you with the supper club address.

Tickets are £40 and are available online. Tickets include a three course meal and special drinks. Limited to 10 places.

For more information, see here


Arab NightsSoho Theatre, London

Six tales of revolution in a modern-day Arabian Nights

Shahrazad needs to survive for just one more night. Can her stories save her?

Meet diabolical djinnis, a latter-day Sinbad and a shoe-obsessed dictator’s wife in this collection of six new plays inspired by recent events in the Middle East and North Africa. From the stirring to the satirical, Metta Theatre brings these stories to life with their signature mix of performance, puppetry and live music, creating an Arabian Nights for a modern age.

Writers include: Baghdad Wedding playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak (Iraq); an anonymous writer (Iran); storyteller Chirine El Ansary (Egypt); journalist Ghalia Kabbani (Syria); live artist Tania El Khoury (Lebanon); and Orwell Prize-winning novelist Raja Shehadeh (Palestine).

Arab nights is running until 1st December and information can be found here


Thursday 22nd November

The LibyanThe Arab-British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London

Running until 30th November, The Libyan, curated by Noon Art and supported by the British Council, will bring together, for the very first time in London at the Arab British Centre, the incredible work of eight living Libyan artists. Male and female, from the ages of 24 to 67, their unique and individual work includes painting, short film, photography, sculpture and installation art.

The mixed show will offer a wonderful sample collection that draws on the Libyan’s preoccupations, from portrayal of the Libyan lifestyle and culture, Libyan women’s beauty, as well as touching on the political oppression under Gaddafi and the promises of the recent February Revolution.

Colourful and exotic, it will challenge any preconceptions regarding a lack of creativity coming from this newly liberated and emerging free democracy. The Libyan artists are finally able to explore, express and expose without fear of censure or reprisals.

Noon Arts is an artistic venture between two Libyan women, Najlaa El-Ageli and Nessrin Gebreel, whose love and mission is to let the world know about Libya’s art and artists. The Libyan exhibition is their debut project.

For more information, see here


Friday 23rd November

Voice of a Nation: My Journey Through AfghanistanFrontline Club, London

Over the past 10 years director Jawed Taiman has travelled across Afghanistan, to find out about the real state of his homeland. He spoke to teachers in Bamyan, vendors of the Urdu Bazar in Kandahar, he met the Taliban in Herat, and traveled with the provincial governor of Ghor. Having gone through 3 decades of war, in Voice of a Nation, Taiman offers an Afghan perspective of these years and how they see their future?

Born in Afghanistan Taiman left his country as a child. While working on the film Addicted in Afghanistan he became aware of a difference between the news coverage about Afghanistan and the reality he was confronted with on the ground.

Through conversations with Afghan men, women, students, farmers, government employees, and even insurgents opposing the government, Taiman captures their uncensored, honest opinions and views on their lives.

For more information, see here

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