August 13th – August 20th 2012

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13th Aug 2012

Changing Room

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Post-Olympic London might seem a bit bland now the festivities have finished but here are a few suggestions to keep yourself busy. As per usual, get in touch with us if there’s anything you think we might have missed out!


Monday 13th August

Norway & Morocco - ART@10GS, 10 Grosvenor Street, London

Having been running since May, this exhibition by photographer Sandra Jordan is coming up to its last month. Fusing together the two seemingly disparate locations of the Arctic and North Africa, she says ‘Whilst you are guaranteed complete solitude in Arctic Norway, Morocco can be somewhat different, more than 150,000 people live in Fez Medina itself, yet within the contrast of both places I was drawn to the quietness and the isolation – the remote villages of the Lofoten Islands, the quiet corners of the Medinas where locals pause for respite from the hustle and bustle.’

For more information, see here


Wednesday 15th August

The Changing Room - Various Locations around Central London

The Changing Room project arrives in London, presenting an alternative vision of the changes that have occurred in and around the Arab region today. Realised in Italy (2011), The Changing Room formulates a contemporary compendium of histories, addressed and documented by groundbreaking artists who either live in exile, emigration, or continue to have a physical presence in their region or nation.

Set in an underground gallery, a magic shop and an office hub in central London, one of the project’s central visual statements is to bring Palestine’s Jerusalem into the heart of London. 

For more information, check here


Thursday 16th August

Cairo, Year One by Nermine Hammam - The Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

After launching back on July 20th, this exhibition has received wonderful reviews and should definitely be checked out if you haven’t so already. In association with Rose Issa Projects in London, the Mosaic Rooms present the first UK solo show by Egyptian artist Nermine Hammam (work pictured). Hammam lives and works in Cairo. Her works are intricate composites of layered images and symbols, using a distinctive aesthetic that combines digital manipulation and painting. This timely solo exhibition will feature two of her most recent series of work, Upekkha and Unfolding, which look at the recent civil unrest and uprisings in Egypt.

More details here.


Friday 17th August

Foodies Festival BatterseaBattersea Park, London

Foodies Festival, with a plethora of cooking demonstrations from top chefs, artisan food from over 100 exhibitors, and a an array of different world cuisines being showcased, is coming to London this weekend, from Friday right through until Sunday. 

From a Middle Eastern perspective, look out for Bethany Kehdy, demonstrating her unique take of the cuisine of her homeland during her ‘Lebanese Masterclass,’ including kibbeh torpedoes and freekah risotto, everyday from 2.15pm. Meanwhile, at 1.15pm in the food theatre, there’s ‘Marvellous Middle Eastern Food with Terra Rossa.’ 

For more details, check here


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