July 23rd – July 29th 2012

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23rd Jul 2012

chitchat on the nile

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As the Olympics comes to town, Sugar Street Review has got an exciting week of non-sporting entertainment lined up for Londoners. Among much else, this week sees the Mosaic Rooms holding its celebration of film adaptations of Naguib Mahfouz’s novels, so be sure to get yourself down to Kensington this week to catch some classic Egyptian cinema!


Monday 23rd July

Pankaj Mishra: From the Ruins of EmpireThe Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

Pankaj Mishra’s fascinating new book tells the story of a remarkable group of men from across the continent who met the challenge of the West. Incessantly travelling, questioning and agonising, they both hated the West and recognised that an Asian renaissance needed to be fuelled in part by engagement with the enemy. Through many setbacks and wrong turns, a powerful, contradictory and ultimately unstoppable series of ideas were created that now lie behind everything from the Chinese Communist Party to Al Qaeda, from Indian nationalism to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pankaj Mishra will be discussing his new book with Kamila Shamsie at the Mosaic Rooms on Monday 23rd July.

For tickets, click here.


Moro: Fifteenth Anniversary Celebrations - Moro, Exmouth Market, London

Moro, Sugar Street’s favourite restaurant in London is fifteen this year and, to mark the occasion, up until August 12th they are recreating the very first menu. This promises to be a wonderful opportunity to sample the Sam & Sam Clarks’ stunningly good food heading back to its original roots, so book a table and enjoy!

Further details can be found here


The Price of Kings: Shimon PeresThe Frontline Club, Paddington, London

Through exclusive interviews and archive footage, the second film inThe Price of Kings series takes an in-depth look at the lengthy and controversial political life of the current president of Israel, Shimon Peres.

Tickets can be bought here.


Tuesday 24th July

Chitchat on the NileThe Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

To celebrate the Egypt’s Nobel Laureate, Naguib Mahfouz, The Mosaic Rooms is showing a trilogy of films adapted from the novelist’s works.

Chitchat on the Nile tells the story of an ordinary Egyptian bureaucrat, Anis (played by Emad Hamdi), who cannot tolerate the corruption of the Egyptian state (for whom he works at the Ministry of Health) and the ignorance of his society and decides to hide from all the problems in the country by taking refuge in a secret den of drug addicts, artists and dilettantes…an extraordinarily modern and daring film which remains banned in a number of Arab countries, made as Egypt was entering the era of economic liberalisation under President Sadat.

Details about tickets here.


Behind the Wall of SilenceThe Frontline Club, Paddington, London

BBC Arabic investigation has uncovered cases where children had been seriously injured in Jordan’s private care homes for the mentally disabled. The film also uncovers allegations of sexual abuse at one private care home. Hanan Khandagji is the undercover reporter who produced BBC Arabic’s investigative documentary Behind the Wall of Silence. The film explores care homes abuse of disable children in Jordan, which received massive media coverage as well as a reaction from the public and the Jordanian government alike.

You can find out more about the screening here.


Wednesday 25th July

Al Madak AlleyThe Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

A melodrama during second world war, while Egypt was still under British occupation. Hamida lives with her mother in a humble alley, Zokaz el Madak, where Abass the barber proposes to her but is too poor so is forced to take up work in a British military camp to improve his income and win her hand.  Meanwhile, the wilier and more corrupt Farag tries to persuade Hamida to leave so they can get married. One day she runs away from home. When Abass returns, he learns of Hamida’s disappearance. Will he be successful in his mission to find her?

Details here.


Monsieur LazharRiverside Studios, London

Riverside studios will be showing Monsieur Lazhar, about an Algerian immigrant who is hired to replace an elementary school teacher who died tragically and goes on to change his pupils’ lives.

Find out more about here.


Thursday 26th July

Chased by the DogsThe Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

The last in the series of Mahfouz films, after four years in prison, the young thief Said Mahran is released and seeks revenge against those who betrayed him. His wife and most trusted henchman, who conspired to turn him into the police, are now married to each other and are keeping his six-year-old daughter from him. Mahfouz was inspired by the life of the famous Egyptian thief Mahmoud Amin Soliman.

Details here.

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