July 9th – July 15th 2012

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9th Jul 2012


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Another week, another What’s On packed with stimulating Middle Eastern events in London. With have films, talks, discussions and exhibitions, if the weather doesn’t turn around we have plenty of suggestions to keep you both dry and entertained.

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Monday 9th July

Where Do We Go Now?Various Locations

 Fed up with mourning their husbands and sons, the women of a remote Lebanese village, where Christians and Muslims live side by side, concoct radically inventive schemes to prevent sectarian violence from further corrupting their loved ones. To quash interreligious conflicts, the women are not above sabotaging the village’s sole television, colluding with the priest and imam, nor enlisting a busload of sexy Ukrainian strippers to distract their men.

For times and locations, check here


Tuesday 10th July

Anna Pavlova at Ivy HouseLondon Jewish Cultural Centre, Golders Green

This exciting new free exhibition explores Anna Pavlova’s relationship with her beloved home, Ivy House (which is now home to the London Jewish Cultural Centre), and includes panels on interior design, Pavlova’s famous parties and soirée, her Ballet Company and teaching at Ivy House.

Also on display for the first time will be a number of the iconic ballerina’s personal possessions, photographs and ballet programmes. The exhibition will be on until August at various times.

For more details, see here 


Wednesday 11th July

Diaries of the Syrian Revolution with Samer YazbekThe Mosaic Rooms, London

Samar Yazbek is the author of A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution. She has published several novels and collections of short stories, the most recent of which is In Her Mirrors. An excerpt of her novel Cinnamon was published in the anthology Beirut 39.Here, in conversation with Omar Al-Qattan, she will be reflecting on her experience of the uprising and her hopes for her country.

In early 2011 Yazbek witnessed and participated in the first months of the Syrian uprising. Her vocal opposition to the regime published in print and online quickly attracted attention, and she was denounced by her family as vicious rumours spread about her disloyalty to the homeland and the Alawite community from which she comes.

Forced to live on the run, she was detained numerous times by the authorities but continued to document her personal reflections and the testimonies of figures in the Opposition.

For more details, click here. She will also be talking at the Frontline Club on Tuesday 17th July and details can be seen here.


Thursday 12th July

Conversation and Screening: Katia KameliDelfina Foundation, London

Katia Kameli, the French Algerian artist, director and producer, will be in conversation with independent curator Berenice Saliou about her film and video work, in particular films Untitled (2011) and Storyteller (2012).

Closely linked to her personal experience of dual identities, exploring multiplicity and the ‘in-between,’ this promises to be a fantastic opportunity to hear her speak about her work.

To book tickets, click here


Friday 13th July

It’s All in LebanonFrontline Club, London

After the Lebanese Civil War efforts were made to revive the economy, rebuild national infrastructures and restore the country’s image as a stable and peaceful country in the region.

Director Wissam Charaf focuses on three main Lebanese post-Civil War symbols: the late prime minister Rafik Hariri, the Hezbollah party and the pop music industry. By doing so he explores the idea that the country has declared the end of the war without asking some basic questions about its past: who is responsible and how do we prevent it from happening again?

It’s all in Lebanon is a journey through modern Lebanon, a country torn between contradictions. Wissam Charaf explores the significance of the image in Lebanese society, showing opposing campaigns of political movements, Hezbollah videos of heroic martyred fighters and music videos of high-heeled, scarcely dressed pop stars. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with thedirector,moderated by journalist and filmmaker Dana Trometer.

For more details, check here

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