June 18th – June 24th 2012

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18th Jun 2012

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This week is particularly busy for all things Middle Eastern in London, so once again we’ve come up with a guide of the best things to see and do about the capital.

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Monday 18th June

The Enduring Middle EastMall Galleries, London

Following in the footsteps of Edinburgh-born Orientalist painter David Roberts, Scottish artist Joseph Maxwell Stuart travelled across the Middle East in 2010, making detailed sketches of its timeless cultural sites including Petra, Giza and Wadi Rum. Maxwell Stuart’s oil and watercolour paintings, capture the spirit and beauty of these sites and speak of the enduring appeal of the culture and landscape of the Arab world, which continues to fascinate artists and writers through the ages, across the globe.

Details at the Mall Galleries’ website here.


LipstikkaLondon Jewish Cultural Centre, Golders Green, London

As part of the Israeli film and television festival 2012, the LJCC will be showing Lipstikka, a psychological drama which depicts the emotional and sexual bond between Lara & Inam, two Palestinian teenage girls from the West Bank.

In the midst of the political turmoil of the 1st Intifada, they decide to break the curfew imposed by the Israel military, and sneak into the Jewish part of Jerusalem to see a movie. What begins as a youthful prank, soon evolves into a twisted set of events.

Fifteen years later, they meet in London as adult women, and realize that what they remember from their past does not necessarily reflect what indeed happened.

Details from the LJCC here.


Tuesday 19th June

66 Minutes in DamascusShoreditch Town Hall, London

Inspired by the descriptions of Syrian detention centres from foreign journalists and local activists arbitrarily incarcerated by the autocratic regime, 66 Minutes in Damascus puts the audience in the place of a group of tourists who visit the Syrian capital, only to be arrested by the Syrian secret service.

Trapped in a web of intrigue and fear, the audience becomes similarly entangled in the strands of immersive, site-specific, interactive theatre which playwright Lucien Bourjeily has woven together throughout his career.

More details here.


Wednesday 20th June

London Jewish Centre Film ClubLondon Jewish Cultural Centre, Golders Green, London

The London Jewish Cultural Centre holds their weekly lunch-time screening, drawn from their own archive – the largest of its kind in Europe – as a supplement to the courses they offer. The screening will be followed by a talk by their film archivist, Stuart Lisbon.

More details at the LJCC’s website here.


Thursday 21st June

HOMEMosaic Rooms, Kensington, London

The Mosaic Rooms present their first exhibition in conjunction with the Museum of Architecture. The MoA presents Home, an exhibition that picks apart the very fabric of what makes up the home in the Arab world. The notion of home is explored through visual conception, materials and forms that reference traditional typologies and environmental contexts that are uniquely Arab.

More details about the exhibition at the Mosaic Rooms’ website.


The Gaddafi Archives: Libya Before the Arab SpringSlade Research Centre, London

Through carefully collated photographs, documents, artefacts and videos this exhibition will shed light on the recent history of Libya, starting with the reign of King Idris and spanning the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. The exhibition will highlight photography’s role in recording and documenting an important period in Libya’s history that we can only now begin to truly understand. Pictures and documents from state intelligence buildings and destroyed Gaddafi residences that were found by Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director Peter Bouckaert, and recorded and photographed at the sites, will be presented. All original materials were left where they were found after being photographed or have been since been returned to the National Transition Council in Libya.

Details here.


Friday 22nd June

Celebrating Sanctuary: CasablancaVictoria and Albert Museum, London

This Late Friday event is the first collaboration by Celebrating Sanctuary and the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is based around the film, which celebrates its’ 70th year.
The event will feature an acoustic music fantasia, with three amazing reincarnations of Sam in Rick’s cafe on three pianos placed around the museum – featuring Jewish Algerian pianist Maurice El Medioni together with Syrian-born, London-based Iraqi musician Khyam Allami (piano and oud), Palestinian singer Reem Kelani and Sierra Leone born Alex Wilson (Latin Jazz piano) – plus dancers, sounds of souk, performance artists and interventions, workshops and conversations.

Details about the concert can be found here.


Screening: Five Broken CamerasThe Frontline Club, Paddington, London

For the birth of his fourth son, Palestinian villager Emad Burnat bought his first camera. This is also the moment a separation barrier is being built in his village Bil’in. The self-taught cameraman begins filming the events around him – and ends up with five broken video cameras. The footage of each of them tells a different part of the story of his village’s non-violent resistance to the Israeli army.

Despite the pleas from his wife who fears reprisals, Emad keeps on filming. The result is an intensely powerful, first-hand and deeply personal document about one village’s struggle against violence and oppression.

For information about booking, click here.


The Art of ResistanceThe Tabernacle, London

Lajee Center in association with HOPING Foundation presents an evening of dance, music, film and art by young Palestinian refugees.

This one-night-only event is the finale of Lajee Center’s UK Arts & Cultural Tour which includes events from Aberdeen all the way south to London. Lajee is bringing its unique blend of Dabka (traditional Palestinian folk dance), along with film and photography exhibitions produced by child and youth artists within the Lajee Arts & Media Unit (supported by HOPING Foundation) to London to follow on from the 2010 sold-out event at Amnesty International Human Rights Centre.

Details here.


Saturday 23rd June

Greg Malouf’s Supper ClubThe Petersham Nurseries Cafe, Richmond

Petersham Nurseries’ new head chef Greg Malouf will be serving up another evening of tasty Mediterranean treats. Be sure to book in advance to make sure you get a place at this very special evening!

Details on how to book here.

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